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Awareness Quest Research  (english) - Pyramids, Stone Circle, Petroglyphs Austrálie a Oceánie 
The Monumental Stone Tombs of Sumba  (English, Norwegian) - stone tombs
Megalithic New Zealand  (english) - standing stones
Australia Rediscovered  (english) - alignment
Indonesia: Bada Valley - 
(english) - statue, cisrerns
Megality v Ruské federaci - Evropa Východní Evropa Západní  
Stone Pages -  (English) 
Steinkreise - Menhire - Dolmen - Ancient Stones - 
(german, English)
The Megalithic Portal and Megalith Map - 
Dolmens in Jersey - Dolmens en Jèrri - (English, French) - dolmens
Swedish stoneage page - - (English) - stones
Steinreihen um Affoltern am Albis und Mettmenstetten 
-  (German) - stone rows
Holed Stones and Crawling Through Rituals - (English, German) - holed stones
Stone Monuments Legends - 
(English) - legends
Digs in Egypt on the web - 
(english) - pyramids
Egyptology -  (English) - pyramids
Megaliths and Stone Circles of Morocco and Their Relation to Those of the 
Mediterranean and Europe - 
(english) - dolmens, menhirs, cromlech
Stone Circles of The Gambia - 
(english) - stone circles

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